We use a custom blend of fresh pressed Michigan apples to create each of our craft ciders.


We do not use any artificial flavors or add any sweeteners, we rely solely on the sugars naturally found in the apples and other fruit.


We pride ourselves on using all local ingredients in our ciders. We will support the local farming community by sourcing as many local ingredients such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and more


We utilize a hybrid strain of wine yeast to achieve Appleholic Cider's unique flavor profiles.



Hard Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from fermenting apples. Other fruits, botanicals and spices are sometimes added to achieve a certain style of cider. Cider is not brewed, but created using a process similar to making wine.

Hard Cider is NATURALLY GLUTEN-FREE making it an alternative for the health conscious. Hard cider generally has a LOWER ABV, making it a popular choice for those seeking a SESSIONABLE beverage. Most Dry ciders are very low in sugar and carbs, compared to other market alternatives like beer or wine. Cider also draws comparison to wine as an agricultural product. Appleholic™ Cider is a VALUE-ADDED product, handcrafted from raw Michigan fruit, primarily apples, sourced from the local community. 

A full one page print out containing more information about the cider beverage category from the United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) can be found here.

The USACM has also established a cider style guide, to help unify the language we use to discuss cider and better define the diverse styles of cider. 

Our hard cider products are coming soon! Please be patient with us.

There is a lot to building a company from the ground up with very little capital. Currently, we lack a commercial facility to produce in bigger batches. We are investing what money we do have into commercial equipment and the necessities for startup once a facility has been chosen. If you are interested in helping us, please feel free to connect and contact us. We look forward to building a future with you.



Ethan Hohnke

Founder & Head Appleholic™

Ethan Hohnke is the founder and head cidermaker of Appleholic™ Cider Company, LLC. Prior to launching Appleholic™ Cider Co. Mr. Hohnke co-managed a family fruit farm for a number of years, along side his dad and uncle, where sweet & tart cherries and many different varieties of apples were grown primarily for processing. Ethan has worked on the family farm on and off since high school. In between the few years Ethan was away from the farm, he worked for Leelanau Fruit Company in Sutton's Bay, Michigan as an ammonia refrigeration/freezer operator. Prior to Leelanau Fruit Co., Mr. Hohnke worked as a farm worker for Empire Hops/Empire Orchards, based in Empire, Michigan. 

Ethan has earned his high school diploma from St. Mary School in Lake Leelanau, MI. Prior to graduation, he also attended the TBAISD Career-Tech Center in the culinary arts program for 2 years. 

The apples & cherries grown on the family fruit farm were sold to processing companies. This meaning the fruit were sold to fruit processors for applesauce, brine cherries and other miscellaneous products. In many years, processing prices paid to the farmer for their fruits barely covered the costs to grow the fruit. Ethan learned very quickly about the importance of value-added products and how much more revenue is derived from these value-added products. The process of milling a raw apple to cider and then fermenting the cider is the value-added process for apples. The name Appleholic™ randomly came to Ethan in 2017, after reminiscing about life's setbacks and still keeping the passion & drive alive to produce great ciders and pursue cider making as a business venture. Stressing on the ending suffix "holic" loosely meaning one who likes something to excess or feels compulsively the need to do something..and turned it into this definition - An "Appleholic™" is one who has an excessive love for apples, typically in the fermented liquid state and who appreciates the value of a high-quality, locally harvested product.

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